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Wednesday, July 9

Extreme Consumerism!

Extreme Consumerism: Eating What Only Grows Around You

I was featured in this article on MSN last month about local eating. It's a great article, the other subjects are interesting people and it was super cool to be included with Alisa Smith, co-author of Plenty.

It's always a little strange for me to be reported on since I'm usually the one asking people the questions. I'm always concerned with being clear and giving useful information. And this interview was a challenge. Allison Linn, the reporter and another work-at-home mama, was so accommodating during the interview. Picture this: kids banging on my office window trying to show me their flower bouquets, my bookkeeper asking me where I'd spent that $12.07 last Thursday, trying to catch up on the mountain of paper files that needed sorting. And I'm pretty sure there was at least one emergency knee scrape (with blood!) in there somewhere. I ended the call not sure what I'd said. But it came out alright. In fact, Alison did a good job of capturing my voice.

(One nit: I certainly don't eat only within 100 miles. With produce I strive for Oregon and Washington, but sometimes have to resort to Cali during the really cold months. And considering our gluten-free needs, there's still plenty of packaged foods, like breads and baking mix, in our diet.)

The comments on Newsvine about this article range from inspiring to thoughtful to confused to crass. And crazy. Good reading.


Kerri Anne said...

OK, so this is quite random, but I saw that Rhi linked to you on Twitter, and I'm all about Portland bloggers, being a Portland blogger myself, and also going to BlogHer, as it would appear you are doing as well!

So, that was a big long rambly sentence to say "Hello! I'm Kerri (Anne). Nice to * meet * you." Hope to see you in San Francisco, with or without flowers in your hair. (I couldn't help myself. It's inevitable, the corny.)

Unknown said...

So glad to see you back again -- I was worried!

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Caleb said...
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