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Monday, October 8

To the Pumpkin Patch

Not our first visit of the year to Kruger's Farm, but the first for pumpkins.

Somehow, they still have strawberries. Sure, half of them were moldy the next morning, but at a buck a pint, and in October, you can't really complain.

There's more than pumpkins over in those fields...a sign of healthy, clean soil.

Who is that big four-year-old in the back, there? And maybe if that baby would quit fighting sleep she'd not be dozing on her feet like that.

That's the spirit, little R! Now Iris, if you would please just let us all get some sleep you might feel this chipper, too.

In case you can't already tell, Miss Iris, formerly The Best Sleeping Baby in the Universe, is turning us all into zombies by exercising her toddler will. Please pardon signs of sleep deprivation such as misspellings, poorly worded directions, and mistakenly omitted ingredients until further notice.

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