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Thursday, June 7

Finally. Pizza.

Serving food at Clara’s preschool is always an exercise in “living without.” For her third birthday party I brought fruit on a stick since no one seems to be allergic to fruit. (I’m not going to post a recipe other than to say I bought wood skewers, cut up melon into chunks and added some grapes. I made 18 skewers and it took a really long time.)

We’re lucky that one of the teachers, Andrea, has celiac disease so she’s always on ball about making sure there is food for all of us when the school has gatherings. At the last event Andrea served something that I didn’t know existed: gluten-free, dairy-free pizza! I had been buying this horrible, tough and sticky rice crust from Nature’s Hilights (can’t find a website for them, strangely enough) and I was about to give up on pizza altogether.

The pizza Andrea served was the Spinich Pizza with Rice Crust from good ol’ Amy’s and it really wasn’t bad. It’s not something I would ever serve to guests, but both Clara and Iris couldn’t get enough of it so I’ll put that on my shopping list.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a gluten-free, dairy-free pizza for you: Gluten-Free Roasted Mediterranean Artichoke Pizza.

Judy G's got two other kinds, plus pizza crusts.

(I'm not celiac myself but my friend is, so I've eaten a lot of these things. These are fine pizzas, even for 'normal' follk :-)